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Pilot, Realtor, Entrepeneur

There are Realtors and then there's agents like Tom Miller. It is easy to say we're different, but proving it is another matter.  Well Tom Miller and Barclay's Real Estate Group live the same motto: "We are not just in the real estate business; We are in the customer service business." Any agent can list your home on the MLS and send a few emails. Tom Miller does more to market your property than most. His exclusive "Instant Buyers Explosion" marketing plan gets your home seen by more potential buyers. Tom Miller achieves this by using the internet, a unique online and offline marketing plan, customized phone marketing, direct mailing, and email balsts to every agent in the area and thousands of potential buyers.


Tom Miller is more that just your agent he is an accomplished pilot. His experience as a captain on and off the flight line has honed his abilities to “pilot” you through this real estate market and help you achieve your goals! Having flown a corporate jet for over 12 years he knows how to provide exceptional customer service. Let Tom and his team his team provide the exceptional customer service you deserve.

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