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Customer Service

Almost any agent, even you the buyer, have the resources to see what is available on the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Most agents rely on this search ability to service their buyers. The Tom Miller Team and Barclay’s Real Estate Group are different then most. We have resources most others don’t. Over the years we have developed relationships with dozens of lenders and loan servicers. We have the contact that feed us properties no one else gets. This, combined with our exceptional customer service, means we have the ability to provide the best properties and guide you through to a pain free closing. Our sales force has experience delivering everything form the lease expensive to the most expensive residential and commercial properties you desire.



We have the experience delivering and all types of properties for our buyers. Combine this with our gorilla marketing department, we attract more sellers and therefore we have more properties to sell. With our industry contacts, we can deliver any property available, even ones no one else knows about. Give us a chance to deliver for you…..


Financing And Other Services

Bad credit or does the property need minor or even extensive repairs. We have contacts at leading lenders that have a history of finding financing for many of our difficult to finance customers. We even have private lenders that will consider loans other may reject. Our list of contractors can handle anything you can throw at them, from minor repairs, to major rehab projects, to complete tear down and rebuild projects. We use many of them for our own projects so we know and trust their abilities. Need insurance or other services, we have the contacts to get you the best products for great prices. 


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