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For Sellers

     Selling isn’t just about getting it sold. At the right price, you can sell any property. We excel in not only having the resources to get the buyers into your property, We excel in getting the most for your property because we excel in attracting more buyers to generate more offers. We also help you by being experts in knowing market conditions and we can spot trends early to keep you advised on the factors affecting your property. We do extensive research and our on-staff licensed property appraiser can provide you the latest information that will help us assist you setting the best prices for the market and your sales desires.


Our on-staff marketing expert will get your property in front of more buyers faster then you can imagine.

The marketing strategies are designed to create a greater reach in the technological world. With over 90% of all buyers using the internet to search, getting your property in front of more buyers is paramount. The more your property is in the face of potential buyers, the quicker it will get sold. More buyers equates to more interest, more interest equates to higher priced offers.

Our Marketing includes:

  1. The use of Virtual Tours through tour factory

  2. Syndication of the virtual tour through

    • You Tube

    • Google

    • duPont Registry (If the property is greater than $500,000)

    • Brokerage wide E-mail Marketing List

    • Blinkz Video Network




    • Hot Pads

    • House Locator







    • Zillow and Yahoo Real Estate

  3. The use of Facebook

  4. The use of Websites

    • Our websites are created by professionals with expansive Search Engine Optimization skills.


We can create a buyers frenzy when others can’t.


A few of the ways we do this are the “Instant Buyers Explosion Marketing Plan” and our “Sold In A Week” auction format sellers programs. Click on the links to see more on these exciting programs.


Sold In A Week


     If you need to sell your home faster and for more money then this system is for you! Our proprietary system allows us to get more interest and money with less days on the market. For more information on this system please contact us at any time.

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