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Instant Buyer's Explosion Marketing Plan

  • Your Home will be listed on the Fort Myers Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This MLS serves all of Southwest Florida.

  • Personalized web site development and promotion of your listing on hundreds of key internet sites worldwide.

  • Blast marketing of your home to all Barclay's agents and thousands of nearby Buyers agents.

  • Supra lockbox for the door, so more agents can show your home. Agents show more homes with supra lockboxes. Combine this with centralized showings, a 24/7 showing scheduler that verifies the identity of each agent requestiing a showing, for even more security.

  • Professional yard sign. This is not some cheesy sign that keeps falling down, we use a sturdy metal frame. We will also place rider signs that contain the TEAM contact number.

  • Plenty of Photos....... I also use a professional photographer with specialized lighting combined with wide-angle and high mega pixel cameras to ensure that we get the best photos of your home. Having good photos can make or break getting buyers through your front door.

  • SHOWCASE listing- A noral listing on simply gives one photo, no additional text, and no description other than the basic information. (i.e. square footage, beds, baths, etc.) With a "Showcase Listing", it allows us to include more photos, a full description, scrolling text, and a virtual tour. According to showcase listings on their site are viewed 299% more often than homes that only offer one exterior photo. is the #1 searched website for buyers looking for homes  and has 6.6 million views per month.

  • Virtual tour with Tour factory is a great resource for syndication. Your home's virtual tour goes out to you tube,, yahoo real estate,, and if it is over $500,000 duPont Registry! We also produce a virtual tour and flyer that is integrated with facebook to reach even more potrntial buyers.

  • Showing/Buyer Feedback- When an agent shows a buyer your home and uses their supra key to get in, they will automaically be emailed with a request that asks them to fill out a survey for the feedback. This feedback gos directly to you on the Home Feedback website, so you will know exactly what is going on.

  • Professional Home Evaluation to determine what a buyer is paying for a home like yours. I will do a comparative market analysis (CMA) comparing your home to the homes that have sold in the past, that are currently on the market, and that have gone pending, to determine what buyers will pay for your home. I will come out and review this with you in person.

  • Listings – I will list your home, with complete information, and a link sending them back to our website.

  • 24 Hr Info Line Sign Rider With Custom House Code – I will put an "information hotline” rider sign on the “For Sale” sign. This increases buyer calls by approximately 300%, because most buyers want info on your home right away, but don’t necessarily want to talk with anyone yet. The best part is, we will know who called, and will be able to track buyer response.

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