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Sold In A Week Auction Program


     Our program can be set up and executed in as little as one week. We hold a two day open house and finalize the bidding the evening of the last day, having a highest and best offer for you to consider by the end of the evening. If you accept the final offer, we proceed to a normal closing process the next day. One major benefit about doing an auction is you have the best opportunity to get more buyers through your home in one weekend, than you would in 6 months with a normal agent. You will get multiple offers and sell your home at the highest price the market will support. When you list with a normal agent, they normally put a sign in the front yard, put it in the local MLS, promote it to their buyers and office, and then wait for a buyer to call from an ad or sign. Doing an auction is taking a more proactive approach to selling a home, and is by far the best strategy. With an auction we take control over what's going to happen with your home, versus sitting around and waiting for some agent.Another reason an auction is a better strategy for selling compared to the traditional way, is you sell your home faster. When you list with a normal agent, the best case scenario for how quickly you will sell is in five months. That is the Southwest Florida standard for the homes that sold recently. All the other ones are going expired and rarely sell. With an auction, you get tons of buyer traffic, versus only a few showings in the six months period when you’re listed with a normal agent. You also get more buyers thru the home, which brings more offers. Most sellers get 50 to 100 buyers thru the home in two days. And, you have multiple buyers lined up interested in your home, versus only having one. This program works for all type of sellers and most price ranges. We find that it works extremely well for investor owners looking to get the best price on a vacant property, estate sales, probate sales, heirs seeking to sell an inherited estate, and sellers needing a quick sale to close on another proper or moving out of the area.

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